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I have always thought of myself as an artist at heart, and in action.  I have done drawing and painting in my youth;  I went to summer art courses in my home country in the Philippines and studied Architecture at the University of the Philippines.  Later, I came to the US and received a master’s degree in Landscape Architecture with emphasis on Land Planning, at the University of Wisconsin, in Madison, to enhance my potential both for earning my bread and butter, and for pursuing art on the side.

During my college years, and immediately thereafter, I studied Hatha Yoga, meditation and some forms of martial arts. I took basic courses in fine arts under Manuel Rodriguez, Sr., and Betty Flor Agbayani, both in the Philippines and Donald Anderson in the US.  I love the great masters Van Gogh and Toulouse Lautrec, the versatility and breadth of Picasso’s arts, and closer to earth, I discovered and admired the famous watercolorists Ted Kautzky and Dong Kingman.

Along the way I have designed book covers, text illustrations, greeting cards, posters, brochures, and my own websites. In the last decade I illustrated retirement and travel books including “Choose Mexico”, “Choose Latin America” and “Retirement Choices”.

I love to travel, sketch and paint places, which awaken senses of discovery and wonder in me, that hopefully find some translation in my creations, my artworks.


2008 May – “A SENSE OF PLACE AND SPACE II” Joint Exhibit with Cota Yabut - Washington DC

2006 November – “A SENSE OF PLACE AND SPACE” Joint Exhibit with Cota Yabut - San Francisco, CA

2003 July – “TRIAD” Group Exhibit with Cota Yabut and Tito Galvez - San Francisco, CA

2003 August – “PASSAGES” Solo Exhibit - San Francisco, CA

2003 November – “ENKWENTRO SA SAN FRANCISCO” Joint Exhibit with Ofelia Gelvezon-Tequi - Emeryville, CA

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