Location San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan

Land Owner Araneta Properties Inc

Client Sta Lucia Realty and Development Inc

Land Planning NMA

Colinas Verdes is a unique site defined by its political as well as its topographic factors.

The initial 236 hectares development site is part of a contiguous 1500 hectares property. The site is bounded by Marilao River on the south, from an elevation of 70 meters and rising to 120 meters on the northerly parcel, by Araneta Avenue on the east, and Quirino Highway on the west.

At its core are parcels of varying pockets of 20% to 30% slopes, and steep areas of 40% slopes and greater allowing for diverse lot sizes, dramatic views and greater interests.

Colinas Verdes lies within an average half an hour drive to Metro Manila. A proposed circumferential road connecting from Metro Manila will either traverse the site or be in close proximity to the contextual site. Along with this road plan is a proposed light rail system connecting to the existing LRT.

Colinas Verdes’ main access points are located along Quirino Highway on the west and Araneta Avenue on the east. This 22m right-of-way east-west parkway serves as the collector for the loop roads and minor roads delineating the residential villages.

A mix of Residential Villages have varying lot sizes from 250 sqm to 1000 sqm.  Open spaces centrally located for each of the villages provide the nuclei of community interaction and recreational opportunities.

Colinas Verdes affords an excellent opportunity to expand Metro Manila’s residential communities through its mix of housing units, commercial, educational and recreational amenities.

Cv Phase 3A