Location San Francisco, CA

Client Mr. LG Samonte

Landscape Architecture NMA

When we met to discuss the design of his garden, Mr. Samonte's wish list expanded from a garden, to include a wood deck, outdoor table and benches, fences and ground floor support columns for a guest bedroom addition at the second storey level of his house.

Just as important or probably more important to him was how to mitigate the physical and visual impact of his neighbor's wall running perpendicular to his house and garden.

He wanted to have a garden for ornamental and flowering plants as well as a small area for herbs.

We ended up designing a simple and functional garden, redwood deck and fences. Integral with the deck are redwood beams serving as an arbor, with structural posts to support an upstairs bedroom.

For his neighbor's wall within his line of sight, we designed a redwood trellis and latticework with a base of stepped 12” wide wood platforms for mostly potted cymbidiums.

LGS Garden Trellis 2